Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer


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I am a Canadian-born urban geographer who has lived in the Netherlands since 2004. I am currently a lecturer in urban geography in the Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University, where I also completed my Master's and PhD. Over the past ten years, I have also spent a considerable amount of time living, studying and working in Scotland.

Research Interests:

    - Gentrification
    - Flagship regeneration
    - Neighbourhood change
    - Waterfronts
    - Immigrant settlement patterns
    - Urban entrepreneurialism
    - Transport and mobility

    - Dutch cities
    - Scottish cities
    - North American cities

    - Toronto
    - Detroit

Urban geographers are fortunate because we can observe the different patterns and processes which we study and research in our daily lives. I believe you can learn a lot about a city by walking around it and speaking to people who live there.  

My current research involves examining the experiences of living through gentrification, the differences between gentrification in cities with different economic structures, the visions behind waterfront regeneration and flagships and understanding the key issues surrounding shrinking cities such as Detroit.

I am always looking for motivated, hard working and passionate master's students to develop ideas and work together. If you are interested in researching any of these themes, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Visiting professor, Yogyakarta State University

Indonesia 11 - 17 October

28 November

Keynote address:
Dynamiques démographiques bruxelloises : spécificités, enjeux comparaisons internationales

Brussels, Belgium