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Film: American Revolutionary: the evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

Talk and discussion with: Rich Feldman

Monday 18 May 2015, 20.00

Loction: ACU (Voorstraat 71, Utrecht)

Cost: Free

Detroit is often seen as a dead city, a place of ruins, crime and abandonment. But the city is also home to visions, ideas and practices which offer hope and inspiration for communities around the world. These have come out of long struggles with racial injustice, deindustrialization and urban decay.

One of the leading visionaries in Detroit is the 99 year old activist Grace Lee Boggs. She and her late husband James have been active in the labour movement, Civil Rights and Black Power movements in Detroit since the 1950s.

The evening will feature a talk by Rich Feldman, who is active in the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership. This centre is based upon the legacy of the writings of James and Grace Boggs, who are committed to the working to develop the ideas and vision necessary to create a social movement in the US for the Next American Revolution.

Rich Feldman will speak about the lessons and visions emerging from Detroit, a city which was once known as the Arsenal of Democracy, the birthplace of the modern industrial age and is now the epicentre for new thinking, new forms of politics and economics. Rich has twenty years’ experience working on the assembly line at a Ford plant, ten years as an elected official and currently works for the United Auto Workers Union.

Following the talk we will screen the award winning film American Revolutionary: the evolution of Grace Lee Boggs.

 Organised and hosted by:      Brian Doucet (Utrecht University)
                                                           Friso Wiersum (Expodium)


Detroit: new ideas and new visions