Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer

Useful, interesting and inspiring sites on Detroit

Heidelberg Project

An outdoor art instalation created by Tyree Guyton

Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership

Activist and community organisation building on the works and visions of Grace and Jimmy Boggs

Detroit Yes forum

A great forum and discussion site for all things Detroit

George Galster's book 'Driving Detroit'

An excellent account of Detroit and probably the best book on the city in recent years

Eastern Market

The revived city market is home to all sorts of groups, dealing with food and almost everything else

Detroit Future City

The Foundation-funded group thinking of new strategies and ideas for Detroit

John Gallagher's Blog at the Detroit Free Press

In-depth analysis of Detroit's economy, politics and geography from the leading journalist on the city

Drew Philp's article 'Why I bought a house in Detroit for $500

Read Drew's inspiring story, soon to be turned into a book

'Stealing Home'

A film by Jason Roche about the Navin Field Grounds Grew, a group of volunteers who have 'reclaimed' the old Tiger Stadium site

Detroit 7.2

An umbrella organisation focusing on economic development  and revitalisation in Greater Downtown Detroit

jessica Care moore

An inspiring poet and writer. Watch a reading of her poem 'You may not know my Detroit'

Boggs School

A school on the east side of Detroit which is inspired on and informed by the philosophies of  Grace and Jimmy Boggs

Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality

A community group fighting for justice and an end to police brutality

Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

A community group formed to address food insecurity in Detroit's black community and to organize members of that community to play a more active leadership role in the local food security movement

Avalon International Breads

A tripple bottom line (earth, community, employees) business in Midtown committed to Detroit and its residents

Yusef Shakur

Former gang leader turned community organiser. A genuine story of transforamtion and inspiration