Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer

European Cities by Tram

As I mentioned in my teaching philosophy, observing the world around us is one of the things I try to impart on my students. A great way to see cities is via their public transport networks. It is here that you escape the tourist routes and witness day-to-day rhythms of cities and urban life. Getting on a tram (or bus) and riding it to the end of the line reveals the ordinary about a city: where people live, shop, work and play. It shows has cities have grown and changed and many of the conflicts and tensions associated with these transitions.

Over the years I have experienced many cities this way. I decided to put together a collection of photos from cities across Europe. None of the major landmarks are featured here, just ordinary places and ordinary movements.

Even if you are not interested in the trams themselves, these photos reveal places rarely photographed and show an ordinary side to some of Europe's great cities.

There are three photo galleries to explore. But before heading there, why not take the photo quiz and test your knowledge of European cities.