Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer

Visiting Lectureships

Yogyakarta State University

Department of Geography Education

October 2014

Course: The Role of Geography in the 21st Century

Invited Appearances

Invited talks, presentations and addresses

7th Transnational Futurologic Symposium on Free Cultural Spaces Gentrification, resistance and conflicting visions for the city, 13 October 2017, Amsterdam

Gemeente Rotterdam, Gesprek met de Stad, talkshow ‘Van wie is de stad nou eigenlijk?’ 13 April 2017, Rotterdam

Malmberg Publishers, Urban Guides Rotterdam. Lecture for high school geography teachers: Stedelijke ‘renaissance’? Gentrification, ongelijkheid en de hedendaagse stad 28 March 2017, Rotterdam

RU Groningen, Department of Geography. Why Detroit Matters: lessons and visions from the ‘Motor City’ 22 March 2017, Groningen.

Municipality of Utrecht, Visie Kanaalstraat/Damstraat. Lecture and discussion: Gentrification: blijft de buurt voor iedereen? 31 January 2017, Utrecht.

Presentation: Het belang van Detroit: lessen en visies uit de 'Motor City'  Platform31 Young Urban and Regional Professionals day

22 November 2016, Utrecht

Presentation: KNAG Onderwijsdag“Gentrification, ongelijkheid en de hedendaagse stad”

11 November 2016, Den Bosch.

Video lecture and interview: Studio Erasmus Mini-lecture on whether Rotterdam centre will become a space only for the rich.

13 September 2016, Rotterdam.

Watch the complete lecture and discussion here

Rotary Club of Rotterdam (Stad) “Urban ‘renaissance’, housing crisis, resistance and the Woonreferendum”

17 May 2016, Rotterdam.

RU Groningen, Department of Geography. ‘Detroit in 10 Buildings: lessons and visions from the ‘Motor City’’

23 March 2016, Groningen

RU Nijmegen, Department of Geography, Planning and the Environment. Alexander van Humboldt Lecture Series, invited chair for lunch seminar with Professor Loretta Lees

6 October 2015, Nijmegen

Presentation: Why Detroit Matters: the story of Detroit in 10 Buildings

Invited by Except Integrated Sustainability

29 June 2015, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Rotterdam

Presentation: Why Detroit Matters: the story of Detroit in 10 Buildings

Invited by The University of Toronto,Department of Geography

10 April 2015, Toronto, Canada

Panel speaker: Basta! Debat: Ongewild je huis uit?! Gezinnen gedupeerd door gemeente plannen. Gentrification en de strijd om de stad (Gentrification and the struggle for the city)

Invited by Kritische Studenten Utrecht

6 April, 2015, Utrecht

Presentation: Detroit in 10 Buildings: lessons and visions from the Motor City

Invited by RU Groningen, Department of Geography

11 March 2015, Groningen

Discussant: Anders denken over wonen (Thinking differently about housing)

Invited by Centraal Wonen Houtwijk (Den Haag)

17 February 2015, The Hague

Presentation: Can't Forget the Motor City: Detroit in 10 Buildings

Invited by TU Dortmund, RuhrCenter of American Studies

8 January 2015, Dortmund, Germany

Presentation and film screening: Can't Forget the Motor City: Detroit in 10 Buildings. Film Screening We are not ghosts

Brussels Academy, Stads Salons Urbains.

Invited by Cosmopolis  Centre for urban Research, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

28 November 2014, Brussels

Invited Address: The individual geographies of gentrification: between confliect and emancipation? Colloquium: Demografische Brusselse dynamieken: specifieke kenmerken, uitdagingen en internationale vergelijkingen

Invited by De Vereniging voor Demografie en de Société de Démographie Francophone de Belgique

November 28 2014, Brussels

Presentation: The rise and fall and rise of cities

Invited by the Lycee Francais Vincent van Gogh

20 November 2014, The Hague

Presentation: Can't Forget the Motor City: an introduction to Detroit

Inspiring Films Detroit Special

Invited by Inspiring Cities

18 September 2014, Rotterdam