Brian Doucet

Urban Geographer

I encourage highly-motivated and academically strong students to work towards publishing their work upon completing their requirements to fulfil their assignment or thesis. I work with them to  help turn their work into academic or publications in both English and Dutch. Below is a list of these publications. For a total list of my publications, click here.

Publications with students

Smit, E and Doucet B ‘The Geography of Growth and Regeneration within Declining Cities: Four Examples from Detroit.’ Journal of Housing and the Built Environment. (Manuscript under review)

Koenders, D and Doucet, B (2015) De Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam: de ‘nieuwste wijk in town.’ Geografie. maart 2015

Van Lieshout, R and Doucet, B (2015) Het geluid van Detroit: muziek, Motown en de ‘Motor City.’ Geografie. april 2015.

Ernst, O and Doucet, B (2014) ‘De toog als klankbord voor gentrificatie,’ Geografie. Oktober 2014, p. 10 – 13.

Ernst, O and Doucet, B (2014) ‘A window on the (changing) neighbourhood: the role of pubs and cafés in the contested spaces of gentrification,’ Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie. 105(2).

Doumpa, V and Doucet, B (2013) ‘Music Performance in Public Space: Changing Perception, Changing Urban Experience?’ Paper presented at the EcHoPolis Conference, Athens, Greece. 29 September – 3 October, 2013

Doucet, B and Duignan, E (2012) ‘Experiencing Dublin’s Docklands: perceptions of employment and amenity changes in the Sheriff Street community,’ Irish Geography. 45(1) 45 – 65

de Boer, M and Doucet, B (2012) ‘Overleven met gentrification’ Rooilijn. 45(4) 252 – 257

Link, S and Doucet, B (2012) ‘Stadstuinen: dorp op de Kop van Zuid’ Geografie. Maart, 32-34

Doucet, B and van Zijl, E (2011) ‘The housing preferences and experiences of well-educated Moroccans in the Netherlands’ Paper presented at the RGS-IBG Conference The Geographical Imagination, 31 August – 2 September, London.Type hier je alinea.